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Getting sick a week ago was probably the best thing that has happened to me in two months. After dealing with two consecutive days of phelgm coming out of my inflamed nostrils, I woke up the following morning with a feeling of such clarity. It was like my entire body had undergone a restart. I don’t know how long this good feeling will last, but I’ll ride it as far as I can.

After seeing projects from the Saturday design class I’m an ‘teaching assistant’ for, I felt very encouraged by the prospects of creating a network of media makers in my program. It’s been an idea that has been simmering in my head for nearly a year, but it somewhat caught fire after this weekend. I’ve seen a lot of work from my peers that I feel is excellent…and I’ve always wanted to organize a ‘free media’ group/network of some sort where we can keep tabs on each other projects, both on and off-site, offer/exchange/support resources (equipment, time, other brave souls), and propagate our work (both singular and collective) though the fastest, most immediate means possible (world wide web, duh). I would like to have the group be small at first, and then expand it as far as it can go. There are a few people that I have in mind to pitch this project, and I’m going to send out an email this week to see (if any) interest emerges.


Written by elcuzcatleco

12/15/2008 at 9:53 pm

Posted in media makers, new media

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